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Make the buying decision easy for people

Improve your SEO and give your customers the confidence to click “Buy Now” with uBlist Product Reviews

Increase Sales

Turn browsers into buyers

Give customers the info they need when they need it most. uBlist Product Reviews let your customers know exactly what to expect from your products, giving them the confidence to click “buy now”.

Did you know? Product reviews are 12x more trusted than manufacturer descriptions.

Build trust

Highlight customer photos

In a world where brand messaging is everywhere, user generated content provides social proof. When customers include authentic photos in their product reviews, other shoppers feel more confident to buy, especially when shopping online.

Consumers think content from users is 2x more authentic than content from brands.

Improve SEO

Stand out in the search results

Product Reviews draw people’s attention to your site with stars on all of your product pages in the search results. uBlist Product Reviews also give you more content for your pages, so you get more keywords that can improve your site’s SEO.

Rich Snippet stars next to your site in the search results can give you up to 35% more clicks to your site.

Learn and improve

Gain new insight into your products

Keep customers coming back with an ever-improving product selection. Product Attributes ratings help you understand your products from your customer’s point-of-view.

Additional features

Easy setup

Start collecting Product Reviews with just a few clicks. E-commerce integrations make it easy to start getting product reviews for your site.

Make it unique

Powerful APIs let you build custom integrations so your Product Reviews fit seamlessly with your own branding on your website.

Google Review Partner

If you’re using Google Shopping Ads, uBlist can add stars to your products – giving you more traffic and sales from your ads.

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