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Finding qualified leads can be time-consuming and frustrating. Save valuable time and boost your pipeline with uBlist Pro’s prospecting features.

Don’t overpay for prospecting tools

Keep track of what you care about

Sync accounts seamlessly with your CRM

Take advantage of premium partnerships

Private companies are a ripe opportunity but data about them is hard to find

Millions of professionals are searching for their next deal. Private companies, with over $3 trillion in funding and even more revenue, are a sure bet, but information about them is opaque.

Existing prospecting solutions are expensive, cumbersome, and manual

Other solutions are built on top of an empty database and rely on the user to import prospects and data. They don’t provide dynamic information, track buy signals, or alert you of new prospects.

When your prospecting methods are incomplete, you miss out on new opportunities

Don’t let business deals―new investors, promising leads, valuable partners―pass you by because you’re working with tools that don’t meet your needs.

Find the right companies and people to achieve your business goals

Advanced search capabilities help you uncover opportunities – from your next sales deal to your next business partner to your next investment – before the competition. When you find the right one, save the account to Salesforce with our integration.

Keep track of the companies and news you care about

Monitor specific companies and industry trends, and set custom alerts to receive updates on the data that matters to you. Stay on top of all your accounts in Salesforce & get email alerts when they’ve raised money.

Pair proprietary data with world-class prospecting tools

The data on our platform is structured, intelligent, and dynamic. Combine it with prospecting features, and you get a can’t-live-without tool for your sales and market research teams.

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