CCPA Supplement

This document (“CCPA supplement”) is part of our Terms of Use and Sale for Businesses and applies only to the extent that we, as a service provider to you, receive personal information (as defined in the CCPA) from you about your consumers who are residents of the State of California in the United States (“CCPA data”).

Words or expressions defined in “quotation marks” have the same meanings each time they are used in this CCPA supplement. Unless we say otherwise below, any words or expressions that are defined in the Terms of Use and Sale for Businesses (including the Data Processing Agreement) have the same meanings when used in this CCPA supplement.

  1. Compliance with the CCPA: We are aware of and will comply with the requirements of the CCPA (including any regulations made under the CCPA) in connection with our services we provide to you.
  2. CCPA data received from you: Except as necessary to provide our services to you or unless otherwise permitted by the CCPA:
    • we will not process, retain or use the CCPA data; and
    • we will not sell or disclose the CCPA data to any third party.
  1. Invitation data: If the type of review invitation services we provide to you requires us to receive or process invitation data that is CCPA data, then we process that invitation data in accordance with the Data Processing Agreement.
  2. Security practices: The security practices that we apply to CCPA data, will be the same as those that we describe in the Security practices section of our Data Processing Agreement.

    On your request, we will provide you with sufficient information to enable you to check that we are complying with these security practices.

  3. Training and confidentiality: We will ensure that all persons who have access to the CCPA data in the course of providing services to you are informed of how CCPA data must be handled under the CCPA, and are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

  4. Consumer requests: You or we may receive requests from your consumers attempting to exercise their rights under the CCPA in connection with your use of our services (“consumer requests”).
    • If we receive a consumer request, we will inform the requesting consumer that he/she should submit his/her request to you, given that you will be responsible for responding to these requests ; and
    • If you receive a consumer request, we will provide you with reasonable assistance to respond to it as required by the CCPA.
  1. Deleting and retaining CCPA data: At your request, we will, or will give you access to, delete all or part of the CCPA data, unless we are permitted to retain such information under the CCPA or required to retain it under applicable law.. To the extent we retain CCPA data, it will remain subject to our Terms of Use and Sales for Businesses and this CCPA supplement.